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Frequently asked questions.

Children’s book Illustration. Independent authors

1. Do You supply initial concept drawings before you commence each illustration?

Yes, I either read your book and imagine the characters thereafter, and supply you with character designs and layout of format. Some commissioners allow me freedom to interpret the text and supply the finished drawing for each as I proceed. Or, if you have specific direction that you wish to pursue, I can take this guideline and offer a story board and/or character designs for your brief.

I may produce a rough sketch if needed or a finished drawing complete, either way, we are in full dialogue to make changes as required. The costing of the initial drawings is incorporated into the final invoice.  I do not charge for multiple revisions, and the time spent producing them.

2.What about the Graphic Design and formatting of my book?

Yes, of course, I can produce all the Graphic Design and formatting of your book. Encompassing the book cover, and rear cover (type and design) and all the interior typesetting and design, I will also format your book utilising the industry standard computer software (In Design) to ready your book for print.

3.What is your medium and what is your process?

The initial drawing is the basis for all the finished artwork. I use professional watercolours and a mixture of fine coloured pencils, soft pencils and graphite, I may also use acrylics oil paints,  and inks. I use all the media at my disposal to achieve the final outcome. Each individual work has its own nuances and demands. I use the best materials available to perfect every individual piece. The final image may also be manipulated digitally if so required.

I have created  a blog post dedicated to my process, you may find this here:

4. How long does an illustration take to do?

I work in three formats, A4,  A3 and A2, Landscape/portrait. Generally, an A4, A3 may take 1-3 days, and an A2 2-6 days. if a complex painting is required that is both very large and time-consuming then this work can take anything up to a month, or longer for a book cover. Both are dependant upon the complexity of the design, and whether or not the commissioner requires the work by a set date and time. If a tight deadline is envisaged, I can accommodate a lesser time period, please contact me with the details and I will review if this is feasible.

5. Do you supply a contract?

Yes at the commencement of the verbal direction and agreement, I supply you with an individualised contract outlining the commision details, time frame expected, and the overall cost envisaged.

6. What about book fulfilment and marketing?

My service to the independent author/publisher includes Setting up your finished book /product on selected platforms (Amazon etc) I will then produce a marketing plan, including active book promotion through online portals. This package will include a timescale, and end date for my involvement in marketing, this is usually within a month. Please ask for more details and a quote for this service.

7. How much do you charge per illustration?

Illustration pricing is guided by a licensing fee. There are a number of other factors that need to be considered to enable a justifiable fee, they include:

The usage of the illustration ( eg,is the illustration a one off, or are there further uses envisaged ) The area of the territory (where in the world is the work being commissioned from)  The Duration (time frame for the individual illustrations and the duration of the project) The client profile. (size) A negotiational Budget. Expenses. The Number of Illustrations , The Use of Illustrations (e.g. editorial, packaging, web etc) Specific separate uses and sizes if applicable (e.g.1 illustration for 1/2 page editorial, 2 illustrations for full page web use) and Print Run (if applicable)   Initial concept drawings and designs are costed separately from the main colour illustration. Call me for a comprehensive quote.

Licensing. (individual illustrations)

All my illustrations can be contracted out, for any given time frame, and for any purpose. (subject to review)When commissioned, illustrators grant the client a licence for a particular use of their artwork, and the fee charged will vary according to the rights of use purchased.The object of a written licence is to define the usage right which the client has bought, and to give the client any protection it needs in respect of other uses of the illustration.


All Images found on this site are copyrighted material of John Hogan artist.  As a creative, I hold dear my ability to generate ideas.All my work has a hidden water mark for protection. I am also a member of DACCS and have considerable rights under license.

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